Jeffrey Herlings - 102 Grand Prix Wins

07.05.2023 Oplooner Jeffrey Herlings wins the Grand Prix of Intu Xanadu (ES) and writes again history by leading the ranking with 102 GP Wins in terms of the number of individual Grand Prix victories.

Belgian Motocross legend Stefan Everts (101 GP Wins) has led the rankings for almost seventeen years.

Other great legends such as Antonio Cairoli (94), Joel Smets (57), Joël Robert (52), Tim Gajser (43), Eric Geboers (39), Michäel Pichon (38), Torsten Hallman (37), Jorge Prado (37), Roger DeCoster (36), Heikki Mikkola (32 ) and Dave Strijbos (27) stand at a distance with all due respect.

Herlings wins both motos today ahead of Mattia Guadagnini (I) and Ruben Fernandez (ES) to take his third Grand Prix victory of the season.

The leader in the standings for the World Championship, the Spaniard Jorge Prado is fourth overall in the standings and Glenn Coldenhoff fifth.

Jeffrey Herlings is doing very well in the standings for the World Championship and is approaching Jorge Prado by six points (294-288).

The World Championship is currently focused between Jorge Prado and Jeffrey Herlings, the third man Ruben Fernandez is already 70 World Championship points behind after six Grand Prix's.

Classification drivers such as the Frenchmen Romain Febvre and Maxime Renaux are disillusioned today due to injuries sustained during last Saturday's qualifying series.

07.05.2023 MXGP Intu Xanadu (ES) 84 Jeffrey Herlings / Red Bull KTM Winner


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