The Motocross of Aces was an annual international classic Motocross meeting just before the start of the Grand Prix season and took place on the famous circuit, called "The Hoef" in the small village St. Anthonis in the south of the Netherlands. The first race took place on the 7th of September 1947 and would be seen as a black cross. Just more than ten years later, 40,000 spectators were visiting this special and great event. The last race on the famous circuit "The Hoef" toke place on the 11th of March 1984. In 1985 SMC moved for one time to the Radiocircuit in Stevensbeek, just 5 kilometers away from St. Anthonis and finally this was the last organized race by SMC. 

More than 500 international riders has driven on the famous circuit "The Hoef" between 1947 and 1985.

Many MX Legends for ever, including 34 European and World Champions like Bengt Aberg (S), Hakan Andersson (S), Leslie Archer (UK), René Baeten (B), John van den Berk (NL), Fritz Betzlbacher (D), Dave Bickers (UK), Hakan Carlqvist (S), Jaromir Cizek (CZ), Roger De Coster (B), John Draper (UK), Harry Everts (B), Paul Friedrichs (DDR), Torsten Hallman (S), Ton van Heugten (NL), Neil Hudson (UK), Georges Jobé (B), Heinz Kinigadner (A), Brad Lackey (USA), Sten Lundin (S), André Malherbe (B), Heikki Mikkola (SF), August Mingels (B), Gennady Moiseev (USSR), Bill Nisson (S), Graham Noyce (UK), Gaston Rahier (B), Joël Robert (B), Jeff Smith (UK), Dave Strijbos (NL), Dave Thorpe (UK), Rolf Tibblin (S), Pekka Vehkonen (SF), Akira Watanabe (JP).

In 2001 there was a special photo exhibition in St. Anthonis, organized by Peter van Hassel about the Motocross of Aces, included some old riders.

In 2007 van Hassel repeated this exhibition and there was special attention to Frans Sigmans from Bakel, died in 2005, but winner of this event in 1967 and 1968.