Favorable developments MXGP Sint Anthonis

Dear volunteers / interested parties,

As you know, since the end of 2017 we have been preparing to organize an MXGP near the Recreation Park The Bergen in Wanroij. The idea originated from the great achievements of our fellow countryman and villager Jeffrey Herlings in the world championship, but also the rich history of the Motocross in Sint Anthonis or the famous Motocross of the Aces.

Initially we had a very positive cooperation from the municipality of Sint Anthonis and we already focused on the year 2019 with the understanding that two MXGPs and one Motocross des Nations would then take place in our little country, the Netherlands.

After the municipal elections in March 2018, it soon became clear to us that the attitude of the municipality was changing, we had to deal with other contact persons within the college and the precautionary financial commitments were canceled out.
This put us in a difficult position and that had a few reasons. We were forced by the owner of the Bergen, with whom we have good relations, to organize only in September of the year. And since the MXGP of Assen was always on the calendar in September, it became very difficult for us in combination with the uncertain financial position of the foundation.

Now there has been a reversal since September 2019, the organization of the MXGP in Assen announces that it does not want to organize a competition for the 2020 Motocross World Championship and that 2021 is also uncertain. This offers us better opportunities and in September 2019 contacts were made with five “motorsport experts” to join forces with the foundation and to achieve the ultimate goal. We have met this expert group just before Christmas and the first steps and responsibilities have been made.

We are preparing to apply for the environmental and event permit soon.This requires a huge challenge that we expect that much needed approval will take at least half a year.

Just before the summer holidays of 2020 we hope to have our financial position on the road and to be able to seriously represent ourselves to Youthstream and to obtain a suitable date on the MXGP calendar for the year 2021, 2022 and 2023.

We will keep you informed if we have more news, it will be an exciting period (what are other organizers going to do?) And it is now on or under it.

Should there be more interested people to sign up as a volunteer after this first newsletter, feel free to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kind regards,

Marcel Hermans
Jeroen Verhoeven
Jan Kempen

MXGP Frauenfeld (CH) 12/08/17 - Glenn Coldenhoff